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Baltic Fuel Company shipped first batch of bitumen

In September 2020, KONTUR SPb, LLC has handled the first batch of bitumen (13,000 tonnes) that will be shipped to the European market via Turuhtanniye Islands terminal in the Port of Saint-Petersburg.

The company’s new activity is foreseen by its programme on development of the terminal capacity – this year it put into operation a facility for transshipment of bitumen from road transport onto ships under Phase 1 of the project on construction of a terminal for high viscosity oil products.  Equipment supplied by TA GROUP can unload about 4,000 tonnes of bitumen per day.

Turuhtanniye Islands is a marine oil terminal with current capacity of 1.8 million tonnes per year including 1 million tonnes of exports and 500,000 tonnes of bunker fuel. Butumen handling is planned at 300,000 tonnes per year.

KONTUR SPb is part of Baltic Fuel Company, a bunkering holding established in Saint-Petersburg in 2008. The Group’s companies are involved in oil product exports, bunker fuel supply, environmental services, etc. The company’s fleet numbering 30 ships is the largest in the North-West Region of Russia. The Group is among the top three bunker suppliers in Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad Region and one of the three leaders in the North-West market of oil product motor transportation.