Auto transport Services

«Baltic Fuel Company» through its trucking unit offers mutually beneficial cooperation in transportation of light and dark oil products in the Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

Drivers’ skills allow the service companies to meet the highest possible requirements. Company’s car park includes 25 new DAF FT XF 105.410 trucks and CAPRI tank trucks of 30 cbm capacity and "TANKER SEMITRAILER-30" of 30 000 litres for heavy oil products transportation.

All vehicles meet Euro 5, which gives the opportunity to work on international routes and gives a competitive advantage, as none of the leading transportation companies in the north-west Russia does not comply with this ecological class.

All the vehicles are equipped with Satellite Navigation System, which allows at any time to determine their location. The Company also has tank trucks of 25,210, 25,189, 31,050, 27,945, 27,930 cbm (3 sections, equipped with a pump) for light oil products transportation. Company is capable to carry 1600-2000 tons of fuel oil per day. The company’s dispatcher service provides precise control and timely completion of the clients’ requests.

We look forward to working with you.