Transportation on Inland Waterways

Oil products transportation on inland waterways of the Russian Federation (the tankers Volgoneft-56, Volgoneft-41, Taisia, Maria, Ksenia, Mira).

In 2009, the Company purchased two vessels of Volgoneft class (5,000 DWT) and started shipment of oil products. Last year, the Company carried 60,000 tons of oil products.

In 2010, «Baltic Fuel Company» acquired the 5,000 dwt Captain Ponikarovsky. During this year navigation the tanker will be engaged in oil products shipment via international shipping lanes.

The first Articulated Tug/Barge (ATB) «Taisia» was launched this year. The ATBs has many advantages over ordinary cargo ships and feature high operating efficiency and high safety. A barge has 12 cargo tanks with load capacity of 5000 mt. The ATB is intended for transportation of petroleum products with flash point of 60 ° C and above, including those requiring heating. The vessel can carry only one grade of fuel cargo in a voyage.

Overall, the new buildings program includes construction of 11 ATBs.

The company's own fleet carries about 160 thousand tons of oil products per year.