Baltic Shipyard lays 4th oil tanker of Project 2734 for KONTUR

Baltic Shipyard held an official keel-laying ceremony on February 7, 2012 for the fourth oil tanker of Project 2734 ordered for KONTUR LLC, part of bunkering division of Bunker Fuel Company Group.

Ship's general characteristics:

Length - 108 m,

Beam - 16.6 m,

Depth - 4.75 m,

Carrying capacity - 5000 tonnes.

The Project 2734 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau satisfying the Customer’s requirements, according to the latest innovations and internationally approved standards of shipbuilding.

The barges will be transporting oil products with vapor flash point of 60º C and above, including those requiring heating. Navigation area - inland waterways and marine areas for non-self propelled cargo vessels, where the thickness of broken ice does not exceed 20 cm. To enhance environmental safety the project tanker’s hull is reinforced with double bottom and double sides in the area of 12 cargo tanks.

The turnkey contract for a series of four non-self propelled tankers of Project 2734 was signed in November 2010. The project lead vessel named “Taisia" was launched on Sept. 27, 2011. The second serial barge christened “Maria” was launched on Dec. 29, 2011. The third vessel will be delivered in Q1, 2012.

BFC bunkering holding CEO Stanislav Korneev comments: "We are going to operate all four tankers in the 2012 summer navigation. The series vessels comply with international standards and requirements for ship vetting control. With the fleet, we set out to transport oil products on the inland waterways of Russia. We are presently focused on a new business direction, diversifying the business and expanding our geographical presence. All four tankers will be involved in shipping oil products from refineries based in central Russia to the ports of the North-West of our country."