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Bank “Saint-Petersburg” to finance construction of bitumen terminal in the port of Saint-Petersburg

Bank “Saint-Petersburg” says it will finance the construction (reconstruction) of two-phase bitumen terminal with a total tank farm capacity of 43,800 cbm in the port of Saint-Petersburg.
For that purpose, Bank “Saint-Petersburg” and Kontur LLC signed a 6-years loan agreement worth RUB 1,046,800,000.

According to the statement, that apart from heavy fuel oil and diesel fuel the terminal will be able to handle and store bitumen and liquid asphalt, manufacture modified bitumen with plasticizers and also increase cargo throughput.

For over 12 years, the Groups companies have been remained among the leading suppliers of bunker fuel to Russian and foreign ships in the water area of the Neva river, the Gulf of Finland and the port of Saint-Petersburg. Holding a considerable segment of the region’s bunker market, BFC Group has proved itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality oil products in the international market.

BFC Group specializes in offering services to the fleet, bunkering of vessels with fuel, lubricants and water; ecological services (collection and utilization of garbage, bilge and oily waters); maintaining of Oil Spill Response Team (OSRT) readiness for localization and response to oil spills at the Port of St. Petersburg and in the Gulf of Finland; export operations; oil products wholesale and retail trade; transportation of light and dark oil products.

Bank “Saint-Petersburg” and BFC Group are long-standing partners. We are glad to continue our years-long fruitful cooperation with leader of the regional bunker market”, said Vyacheslav Yermolin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Bank “Saint-Petersburg”.

“The contribution of Bank “Saint-Petersburg” into BFC Group’s development over the recent 12 years can hardly be overestimated”, emphasized Stanislav Korneyev, General Director, BFC LLC.