OSR Teams

Baltic Fuel Company has in-house certified emergency response units - Oil Spill Response Teams (OSRT) and auxiliary fleet, carrying out Oil Spill Readiness and Responset in the water area of Great Port of Saint-Petersburg, the waters of the Gulf of Finland and at the ports of Novorossiysk, Kavkaz, Temryuk and Tuapse.

OSRT authorized to conduct oil spill, rescue and other incident response operations related to emergency situations.

The activity of each OSRT is aimed to localization and elimination of oil spills at sea up to 500 tons of oil products.

The Company has been certificated by the Interdepartmental Commission of the Russian Ministry of Transport and by the Russian EMERCOM’s North-West Regional department. The two certificates have equal validity.

Each OSRT is fully equipped with all necessary equipment and machinery, as well as qualified rescuers.

There are four oil skimmers and boom-laying ships, barges. The company's fleet is equipped with oleophilic and weir skimmers to collect oily waters. BF has in-house station for the treatment of polluted waters and the processing of liquid oily waste - GOS-1. Reception of waste can be carried out both from ships and from vehicles.